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  1. Is there a way to set an expiry date for a shared folder with a fixed date on it? I want to allow someone access to a folder for a month & would like to automate if possible the disconnect.
  2. Thanks Helen I have OS7 on iphone 4s and Ipad air - neither are showing contents . The UI and the hard drive both show that there is info. The UI says it's indexing etc. I synced a directory in the drive (maybe 150gb). I gave it a day or so just in case it took time to update but no joy. I have BT sync installed on another system at home and it workd perfectly. It just seems the work one is causing trouble. I changed broadband providers and modem just in case it was that. The data is on a d link NAS. I first tried installing BTSync on the NAS but it simply wouldnt work - no idea why
  3. I have installed bt sync on a laptop And have the app on my phone. The directory when I log into the app is empty although is shows the device active and the laptop shows the data there. Im thinking it's a permissions issue but I can't seem to alter the permissions of the drive. Does this sound like I'm on the right track?