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  1. I'm on 2.2.7 (167) and having this exact same problem: One device (Windows 10) reports many locked files, in two folders. Other two devices (QNAP NAS, Windows 7) show NO locked files. Process Explorer reports only explorer.exe x2 and BTSync.exe. LockHunter shows only BTSync.exe All devices have been restarted, no change. So it appears that BTSync is keeping BTSync from accessing the files? *headtilt* Not listing the locked files is a major fail. -G
  2. Thank you, GreatMarko - That page only offers the defective 1.4.76, which is also available in the QNAP apps interface. Some ancient versions (1.1.4x) can be found here: Any chance there is an archive with the last working version (1.3.9)? -G
  3. Thanks to Alan for the excellent instructions, but to Tagazok's question, where can we find the 1.3.9 to revert? The 419P II has an ARM processor, not sure if your process would even work. Seems easier to revert then we can wait for a formal release of 1.4.103. I've been looking and can't find an archive of installers, and the QNAP page on the BTSync download page is broken.
  4. Thank you for the clarification about secrets. You make an excellent point about device failure, and this is supposed to be a private cloud, right? ;-) I will look at the settings you directed me to. The initial reaction came because of all the reported traffic between work © and home (A & , which seemed highly redundant and slow. To wit: I add 40 songs to the Music folder on B, which kicks off a sync with A and C, which then sync with each other. There may be some flag I don't know about (or a feature yet to be built) that might allow for sequencing of such to reduce network traffic and prioritize speed. Again, thanks for helping me understand. -G
  5. Hello All, I've poked around and apologize in advance if I've just missed this topic somewhere. My setup, all with BitTorrent Sync 1.3.94: A: QNAP TS-419P II B: Windows 7 PC on LAN with NAS C: Windows 8 PC at work connecting via internet Same information is being synced on each machine: "Music" and "Photos" folders I am a former MCSE and have been using Allway Sync on LAN and USB prior to this project (and still do for some tasks, but only under manual control). A to C was set up first by giving C the secrets from A, Then installed on B, using the A secrets. All folders are Full Control, since I modify files on B and C, with A being the RAID backup What I observe is happening in the BitTorrent Devices tabs on the Windows boxes: A <->B (fine) A <->C (fine) B <->C (huh?) Never gave B the secrets for C, and yet there is traffic between them, which seems redundant and kind of annoying. Is a V-shape sync pattern possible with BitTorrent Sync? There is *something* I'm missing... Thanks in advance, -G