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  1. To confirm the above, if you create a share through Syncnode it is encrypted by default. The servers that store the data never see the encrypted key and the keys we generate are never stored. We use the official Bittorrent Sync API to generate the keys. You can also provide us with your own read-only encrypted keys if you know how.
  2. Glad you all seem to Syncnode. I have just launched paid account upgrades, the pricing currently is : 100 GB = £9 / month 200 GB = £18 / month 300 GB = £27 / month I realise this is a little more expensive than other services but I am offering far more redundancy and security than others. All accounts are currently synced to two super fast servers that will mirror each other.The website generates private encryption keys, meaning we cannot see your data at all.I will be able to drop the price in the future as the scale increases. I'm currently in the process of adding more features to the website such as the ability to see which computers are connected to the shares. I'm interested to hear what people think, let me know!
  3. Not yet, but I might in the future.
  4. What are you looking for, management of one server of management of a fleet of servers? If it is just one server then the built in Web GUI does a good job, for multiple it gets a little more complicated than just a GUI as the servers need to communicate with a central database.
  5. I built something similar to the above in my spare time. I am offering BitTorrent Sync hosting based in Europe, everything is encrypted and we will even help you generate encrypted secrets so your content remains encrypted on the server. At the moment all signups accounts get 5GB of free storage. I am planning to offer paid plans at a later date. Give it a try and message me if you have any questions.