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  1. Hi, Guys: I saw there is an update of BTsync V1.4.83, so I download it and install on my WD My Book Live NAS. However, the Web UI does not work. I do saw the btsync file run as a PID, but webUI does not response. The V1.4.75 and 1.3.106 works on my NAS. What's wrong? Sorry, some configuration was changed in this version. So need run: ./btsync --webui.listen to open webui listening. I works, still testing...
  2. Thank you. On my NAS installation, I didn't install, just copy the folder and start the process. You mean I should delete any associated folders?
  3. Excuse me, where and how to get the log? I run the btsync on NAS: MBL. Also, how to downgrade the V1.4 to V1.3? I tried to copy V1.3 btsync back just now and the app doesn't start as a progress.
  4. Should be the issue on NAS app. nothing related with Android app. Before I upgrade nas APP to 1.4, everything fine even Android app upgraded to 1.4. it is a serious issue that cannot explain with such execuse.
  5. I run V1.4.75 On my NAS (WD MBL), and I just use it to sync .jpg and mp4 file between my Android phones. Always happen this issue. And NAS sync response very slow for any new added file on Android phone, usually 3+ days, sometimes never response. Such issue never happened on 1.3.xx I think BT team should check this issues carefully, since there is many users happend to have same issue according to this forum.
  6. I also encountered same issue between my My Book Live and Android, after upgrade to V1.4.75 on NAS.
  7. Exactly same. Looks 1.4.xx does have serious issue. Same issue with me.
  8. Simply upgrade sync from 1.3.xx to latest 1.4.75 for WD my book live. backup sync (one way) from Android to MBL becomes unstable, sometimes cannot start anyway, sometimes never finish, sometimes not start. Such issue never happened on 1.3.xx. Anything wrong for my system?