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  1. @RomanZ Thanks, I'm going to stop that syncing until this release comes out. Maybe this will fix all my issues. Appreciate your work!
  2. As you know, my case, only one side ever changes any files. I'm really just using this for an offsite backup. AND. Something just hit us again over night. The orig setup that I created this post on. I had stopped syncing those two. I replaced the computer on the A side. I recreated the sync pair, this time as I said I would I setup a READ ONLY KEY on the B side. I fired that off 2 nights back. Well last night. BAM, excel file they use every day, is suddenly...Empty. Blank. I go looking's the weird part. A perfectly good copy of the file is in Sync Archive on the "A" side. I thought that is for things deleted by another sync end? Why are there any files in there, the only other sync partner is RO? And like I said, the file was in its correct folder...just empty. I had a feeling something was up again since they had been operating for weeks no problem (no BTSync) and the day after I fired up BT again, an excel file is trashed. I thought RO would protect me from problems. But given I found the file in Sync Archive, it sure seems to be BTSync hating on EXCEL files. Btw, I asked the staff and its possible they leave this file open a lot, not sure that helps. Using the READ ONLY key did not stop these EXCEL file issues.
  3. I have the logs turned on this end, teh B side. I'll have to ck the A side, we've not had much issue there before, this is not the same A side as the orig post. I disconnected that as I replaced that machine and have not re-synced yet. Office 2010, Windows7 Pro. Thanks for cking into it, my plate is really full ATM, I'll do my best to get those logs ASAP.
  4. I just got hit again on this. Again, excel files. The !SYNC file remains on the end that saved it. The actual excel file is GONE from that side. The B side has a badly damaged version of the excel file. I can open it but excel spits out all kinds of errors, about white space expected and others errors. I just checked both ends, both on the most recent version of BTS. The only thing that is unique is this client has decided to put . in the file name area so these excel files are like 8.1.14.xls and such. And for the most part, we're OK but just randomly now, its just imploded and the file gets trashed. On that end, completely disappears. I feel like this has something to do with EXCEL files and perhaps the "." in the file name. The later, because they open lots of other excel files and of the files they touch every day, both the ones with the "." in the file name this happened to today.
  5. yes, it asked if I wanted to submit it. I said yes. I know where the WER reports are, is there another file you need? let me know the path and where to send it.
  6. @mariano, yes mine were ALL XLS files as well and I'm pretty sure other file types were modified during the down time and yet, they were not reverted like the XLS files were. least not reported to me. @weegee, YIPES! Sorry to hear even with readonly enabled. That was my backup plan. I would have tried some FileSystem undelete tools myself on this one. Update on me: BTSYNC crashed again. I've not restarted it. Backing up on both ends first. Will restart and get back if we have another incident.
  7. JimmyTheSaint - Sorry, I thought I replied to you but thank you for your very insightful response. Most of my post here is about feedback. In case a bug has crept in. Since its all worked very flawlessly up until now. If perhaps someone had an idea what to do if I saw this error dialog show up again, that would be welcome, otherwise I think I'll just recreate my folders 'read only' and my problem goes away. But I thought I'd contribute my experience in hopes of some helpful feedback for product development. I appreciate your insights! -=darren
  8. They were not changed on "B". No one has access to it but myself. I didn't touch that computer from Monday until maybe Thursday morning when I saw the error. And what was over written by older files, were daily log spreadsheets and items that staff uses on "A" daily. So random and spread out, its not likely I would have even know to open each of those on this end. And I wasn't sure if this was clear but it was EVERY file they changed on the "A" side after Monday. I thought about maybe a random disc error on the "B" side could have maybe triggered one file to change and cause something odd? If that makes sense. And new files created on "A" found their way back up to "B" fine. Which is why I was guessing its some type of Q issue on the "B" side. Tho I would have expected conflict resolution to kick in and COPIES created, not an overwrite. Not sure if that is helpful at all and it might be...expected. JTS, this setup is really basic. And given I'd had this setup nearly since BTS release and its worked flawlessly, I thought maybe a bug has crept in via a recent release so this post is almost more about feedback than it is resolution. Tho I'd like some advice if I see that BT STOPPED working message again b/c I'm for sure not going to just close it and restart BTsync. If I do see it again. I think I'll recreate the sync as read only so B side has no chance to change "A", which solves my issue but possibly not what could be a larger issue and I'll for sure come back and update this if that happens. ~thanks
  9. Let me first say I've been using BT from the start and on a lot of devices for a number of reasons and have yet to encounter many issues (aside from some stray !sync that linger, only around EXCEL files for some odd reason, those just randomly will not go away). Now to my current and FIRST real issue. Two machines. Both running BTS 1.3.94. Windows 7. 32bit. Machine "B" went offline for about a week. I fired it back up. When I noticed it was off (this is the only thing this machine does), not part of the issue. BTsync launched fine. This is a Monday. Machine "A" was always on and continues to be the main source of files and edits. So Machine "A" edited files all week. About Thursday I saw machine "B" had a "BT Sync STOPPED working" windows type error dialog. I clicked OK on that. And restarted BT Sync. Checked, it was running and looked like it was syncing once again. So the following day. Machine "A" files were reverted back to Monday. Nearly every one of them, file date time stamp all back to Monday. So we lost all the edits and data entry that was done to those files on machine "A" during the week. I know files were edited and should have synced UP to "B" but instead, came DOWN to "A" when they clearly were older files. I was able (thanks to scratch files exel leaves behind) to recover all the data entry that was lost. It took some effort but totally worth the time given the amount of work it would take to recreate. I am only guessing it was associated with the BT Sync STOPPED windows error message and me restarting it that caused this but is there any way to know what caused this? And what should I do if this happens again? If I see that again, I'm truly not sure what to do other than uninstall and recreate the sync pair on the "B" machine as I don't want to just launch it again and have this happen again. I feel like I dodged a bullet. I'm thinking of just recreating the folders as "read only" (since this particular setup is only about backup but not all my setups are just about that) but since it did take some effort to recover and this is the simplest of setups and we lost data. (no question BT overwrote the data) , I thought it critical enough to post this. My guess is that late in the day or night on Monday, machine "B" had that error (the reason files went abck to that date/time once I restarted "B") I never looked at the machine again until I saw the error on Thursday. CLICKING OK and restarting BT Sync. Its almost liek it picked right back up where it left off, no matter how much time had passed since the Q was created perhaps? That's a guess on my part. thanks for the time and all the work on a great tool just the same! -=darren