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  1. nothing thats been changed during the use of BTSync also goes to paused when i connect to the internet.
  2. thanks for the fast response. icon and also when i open bit torrent it has paused written at the bottom. and no data synced (moving) paused or not.
  3. its been great, really easy to use and fast. maybe just part of the problem. i installed the latest version, and now always seems to be paused (mode) when i start my computer/ or even the app. i have to select pause syncing and then again to get rid of the paused icon. Folder from before the update has text (indexing... ) flashing for less than a second, about every minute after it, but maybe the syncing is complete. Tried to create a new sync folder with a secret form a friends computer, but nothing happening. 0 up and 0 down. I tried to uninstall and reinstalling but it's still the same.