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  1. Hey rjbailey, i was wondering if you could explain to me exactly how to do this (i am a simple man!!), i have the same NAS and use btsync all the time, to get this on my NAS would solve a heap of issues for me. Thanks in advance!!
  2. Have recently purchased a new 314 ReadyNAS to take advantage of the Bittorent Sync App. Have been unable to locate the SyncArchive folder on the NAS. Does anybody know how to locate this on their ReadyNAS. Much appreciated. Dean
  3. Does anybody know if there will be advancements in the permission settings for shared folders, so say for instance, you can stop the sync to a particular recipient without having to update the secret to all the others. That is, have permissions options for individual secrets to individual recipients as opposed to a secret for a folder that everyone uses? If possible, this would make the sharing process in a company environment much better, and could replace an Active Directory set up, so no need for a server. Maybe it could be based on an email address as opposed to a user profile (in Active D