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  1. Thank you guys for pointing me into the right direction. Problem was that there is no httpd.conf file on my cubian/debian. Thanks to this wiki entry I found out where to look for the configuration. And in fact there was a listen 8888 in the ports.conf file. I commented that out and my btsync gui is available again! Sorry for the stupid quesion: If the gui is not running on apache - where is it comming from?
  2. Harold, thanks for your reply. I googled but could not find a way to disable a specific port in apache. Can you please help me?
  3. I installed owncloud and bittorrent sync on a cubieboard (ARM processor). that worked well for a few days. All of a sudden I could no more log in to owncloud via webinterface. I got the error that the site had a redirect loop. I googled around and checked the log files. Turned out that owncloud could not write the session. I changed the session.save_path in php.ini to /tmp and owncloud was back up. Problem is now that I can no more access the btsync web gui. when going to URL:8888 I can see an apache site where two folders "html" and "owncloud" are listed. URL:8888/gui/en/index.html throws me a 404 Not Found The requested URL /gui/en/index.html was not found on this server. I have verified that btsync is running on the machine. I cannot find any trace of a btsync web ui on the cubieboard. How can I fix this?