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  1. The version of sync running on my Drobo5N reports itself as version 2.0.138 (36) and according to the Drobo5N page ( the latest version is 2.3.0. I've been trying to update the client so that I can try out the encrypted folders however I'm having problems updating the version. In the DroboApps section of my Drobo Dashboard I click the "Update" link for BitTorrent sync and it tells me that it's updating, after a while the updating disappears however the version of BitTorrent Sync running my my Drobo5N is still 2.0.138 and the link to Update is still present. If I click update again then the same happens, and the version is not updated. I've tried stopping the processes, then updating, and finally restarting. Whatever I seem to do Im, still at version 2.0.138. I've also tried updating the old way, i.e. mounting the DroboApps share, copying the version 2.3 tarball I downloaded (i.e., and then restarting my Drobo5N and this has no effect. Whatever I do my Drobo5N is still running 2.0.138. How can I update to the latest version?
  2. That's exactly what I was asking, thanks for clarifying. I'll just wait the 7 days...
  3. It seems that I screwed up and didn't disconnect a peer before uninstalling the Bittorrent Sync client on the machine, as such it stills show up in the list of peers for a shared folder. How can I remove this old peer from the shared folder?