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  1. Devices: Android KK Win7 64 PC I get the error under the following scenario: Create backup for Pictures (camera) on Android, linking to a subfolder under My Pictures on the PC called 'dan's cell'. Afterwards, on the PC, I try to add folder My Pictures for general snycing, but I get the error and can't setup My Pictures for syncing, apparently because I have the already existing Android backup to a subfolder (My Pictures\dan's cell). Is this the way it's supposed to work? I can kinda, sorta see how trying to do this this may set up some kind of problem, but I'm not seeing how. I don't really understand why this should be a problem; if My Pictures on the PC is linked to other devices, then to my limited understanding it seems that it's only going to sync the 'dan's cell' folder along with all the rest without any conflicts. The only potential problem could be with the original Android with the camera backup, but with selective sync active I don't see the conflict. What am I not seeing here? It appears that I am required to link the camera backup to some location outside the main My Pictures folder, but this disrupts the organization, requiring me to make a secondary movement of the backup files to My Pictures for the images I wish to keep. Not a big deal, really, but I was a little surprised by this error. Thanks, Dan