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  1. Hi RomanZ ok, thanks a lot. i understand...
  2. Hi GreatMarko, thank s lot for your reply, yes I know that there is a client in Ios store, but in summary i wanted "integrate" it in "invisible" mode in a app ,,,, i dont know if this is possible. thanks a lot.
  3. Hi guys, I'd like to use sync and torrent to make sincronization between folders and ipad. I try to explain what i have to do. I have an administrator and some users. This administrator have one or more folders with inside some files, jpeg,pdf and video. The users have to "copy" and sincronize all those folders on local memory on Ipad.... users with ipad does not have permission to modify those folders on files, but only sincoronize. Sorry for my bad english I hope you can understand. I'd ike to developer this app with titanium appcelerate or firemonkey. There is a possibility to "integrate" sync in an app?.. thanks a lot ..Lad.