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  1. Issues: 1.The UI is slow and a lot difficult to understand when compared to the older version . The older version had a small learning curve but i was over with it pretty soo. 2. I upgraded to 1.4 on 2nd gen atom pc running windows 7 on 2GB ram . The lag on the machine is so much that it cannot be used to sync large amount of data. 3. CPU consumption is a lot more , dont know about the ram usage. 4. Read only keys not accepted from 1.4 to 1.4 (i am using keys and not links). I am using a broken to backup my laptop (nearly 1tb of content added) so all keys were read only . The netbook is used a seeder . I had downgrade to 1.3 to use it on a slower netbook. 5. Out of Sync issues 6. The Android UI is much harder to understand . Difficult to sync a folder on phone as R&W to laptop . Everything is confusing. Does 1.4 display the amount of data that needs to be downloaded or uploaded folder wise ? No one seems to have mentioned this
  2. I have decided to downgrade to 1.3 from 1.4 on all machine because of the current issues . What are the know issues official/unofficial of BTS 1.3.Last version?