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  1. Here is reply from Sync Team: Looks like best (safest) option for me is to stick with 2.0.1 till 2.2 is available for both servers. DS214+ ArmadaxpDS1813+ CederviewIf someone has a better solution please let me know. Thanks
  2. 2 Synology servers DS214+ Armadaxp DS1813+ Cederview Did manual upgrade to on both to 2.1.3 - sync log shows fail with "sslv3 alert bad record mac" Have returned to 2.0.1 clean install - all is working as before - nice and speedy Working for now - will stick with 2.0.1 until this is sorted out by folks with more knowledge than me Suspect this has something to do with OpenSSL Let me know if you have any ideas
  3. Share footage and editorial between members of our VFX unit. > Red Camera (Scarlet) R3D footage from cinematographer > Pro Rez conversions from editor > AfterEffects renders from VFX > Shares are located on 3 geographically distant Synology Servers synced via BTSync 1.4.103-9 > Reviewing other use cases opportunistically. Thanks - we love it. Keep up the fine work. Peter Farago Farago Design NYC