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  1. Will this support be in the free edition? Or at least could a Pro node distribute to a large number of free nodes? We can't ask for users to pay: it would be a free service provided by an humanitarian organization. In the mean time, is the 50 nodes limit on simultaneous connections or on the total number of nodes configured with the same key? We could begin with Sync 1.4 if only 50 nodes can connect at the same time and the limit on simultaneous connections would be raised to 1000 in 2015 with no limit on the total number of nodes.
  2. I'm trying to design a distribution system with the following requirements : the content to distribute would be a directory tree (around one hundred files or maybe one thousand in the whole tree) on a single server which can be modified at will by administrators (adding, replacing, moving files mostly),modifications of the directory tree will be done in batches (several files modified at the same time) and days or weeks will pass between them,the content will be public domain or using a creative commons licence (to be determined),it will be read-only for the clients,the content should be distr