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  1. Ohhh what I know now that iTunes doesn't require it to be sync. On the phone, it would say, "Do you trust etc etc" If you hit the trust button on the phone. iTunes could see all the phone details. Thats how I transfer videos to my VLC app.
  2. Haha, to many others, this will be totally pointless. There are times for impromptu transferring of files on computer that wasn't yours, and your friends are into installing a new application on it. I did this with my spare android phone, plug it into someone's PC and transfer the file into the Android folders where the my sync folders are in. So when I get home, its synced to my computer. See how what i did that. Soooooo it's just something I was wondering if it is possible for iOS too.
  3. Hey guys, I was wondering if we can drag files into itunes and into specific app. That way, for Mac and iPhone user can use this method to transfer files and sync without install desktop app. And I know, the amount of user is little compared to Android x PC.