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  1. Microsoft Office365 for Business in 2015 will upgrade UNLIMITED OneDrive Storage and Synchronization to your computer. It is already HIPPA Encryption Compliant. The US Government can't get your data unencrypted behind your back. So privacy is assured. It stores your data on your computer(s) and in the cloud. And it has obviously extensive file locking and sharing capabilities and administrative capabilities. It comes with Office 365 (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Publisher, and OneNote) which you can install on up to 5 PCs or Macs, Office for Tablets which you can install on up to 5 Windows Tablets or iPads, and Office for smartphones for up to 5 phones. It also has online versions of Office. ALL THIS FOR THE COST OF $99 PER USER PER YEAR. The Office 365 Business Essentials version doesn't come with the Office Software for your computer but it has the online versions. It comes with OneDrive with Unlimited Storage PLUS EMAIL, IM and HD Video Conferencing that is HIPAA Complaint and Corporate Social Networking, and synchronization of the data to your computer(s) and the cloud. OFFICE 365 BUSINESS ESSENTIALS VERSION IS EVEN CHEAPER AT $60 PER USER PER YEAR. This is the most comparable product to BitTorrent Sync since it doesn't include the Office Suite. In this light, BitTorrent Sync Pro at $39 per user per year doesn't give as comparable a value. It may be worth it for some companies. Particularly with the 16x speed advantage for transferring files. But is it worth $39 to a lot of people particularly since Office 365 Business Essentials gives you a competitive cost but with more features. And for $40 more you get the whole Office Suite for 5 computers, 5 iPads, and 5 iPhones. My thought is that BitTorrent Sync Pro is too expensive for most small groups of people at $39 a year per user for the features it gives you. It is a niche product. The higher price may be necessary because it is a niche product with few anticipated users that needs to support its developers. But: 1. It would be much more attractive at a lower cost given its limited feature set to attract more users to the fold. 2. Or it should have many more useful features than are currently revealed. --- Panic, Inc is an example of a failure of niche development on iOS. It developed a FTP app for iOS. It is best of class. It is beautiful. It works fantastically. But hardly anyone bought it. The reason is that iOS users hardly need an FTP app. Panic did not anticipated this. So realized that they need to cut back on the development of this app and focus on their more lucrative apps. So is BitTorrent Sync Pro going to have a similar fate? Does anyone really need a Pro version at a subscription model in pricing? --- INTERESTING IDEA! YOU CAN USE BITTORRENT SYNC FREE TO SUPERCHARGE OFFICE 365 ONEDRIVE. For each of your computers, simply set bittorrent sync to synchronize the onedrive directory. This allows each computer to bypass the cloud to synchronize their files at 16x speed. But it also allows the files to be simultaneously backed up to the microsoft's cloud! You get the best of both worlds! Since this can be done with the free BitTorrent app, is there a place for an expensive subscription model for BitTorrent Sync Pro? ---
  2. If you need remote backup - rather than fully usable synchronized unencrypted files - then simply use CrashPlan's app. CrashPlan allows you to backup for free to a remotely located Friend's computer, other computers on a network, an on CrashPlan's unlimitted cloud storage. In any location, the data is encrypted. You can customize the encryption so that only you know the password - meaning the data is lost if you lose the password. Outside of using CrashPlan: With BittTorrent Sync, you can also store your information on encrypted sparse virtual disks - which store only the information needed and grow as more information is added. On Macs, these sparse disks are sliced by the operating system into numerous small chunks. Only the chunks that with data changes are synchronized by Bittorrent Sync. This makes synchronization very efficient. Each Friend's computer will only contain the encrypted disks, maintaining confidentiality. You can also keep information on each client on separate encrypted sparse virtual disks for even more security.