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  1. First things first...please keep comments on topic. I think Marko does an amazing job mixing it up with you guys. He frequently asks Roman and myself for clarification on things and we do are best to outfit him with the available information to help clear things up for you guys. Thanks everyone for the feedback. The topics regarding elements of the 2.0 product plan that we have yet to disclose are legitimate, but I encourage everyone not to jump to conclusions and assume the worst. Some product details are dependent on the discussion we are currently having here on the Sync forum, while others are technologically dependent. One thing I'd like to reiterate, as I see it come up repeatedly, despite Marko and myself having dispelled it. You will NOT need to buy licenses for every computer in your personal network of mobile devices, PCs and NAS boxes. More to come on how that will specifically work, but as I understand, it won't entail you needing separate licenses for each machine you own. So the "$39.99 x 8" comments are not relevant to the 2.0 plan. We at BitTorrent aren't sheepish when it comes to scrutiny of what we produce, which probably comes from how long we've been doing this with a user base that isn't afraid to tell us what they think. So keep it coming. While of course it is beneficial to the end-product, and if that idealism fuels you to continue contributing, then great. If you need more motivation, then maybe...just maybe...there could possibly be a little something in it for you in the end.
  2. Great questions guys. The $39.99 is per individual. We are still working out the exact mechanics on how this works across multiple computers owned by the single person. Calling it 'per peer' pricing isn't quite right. More to come on this. Feature list will be distributed as we get closer to launch.
  3. A year and a half ago, BitTorrent Sync started with a simple idea: give people the ability to sync large files fast by skipping the cloud. We’ve been humbled by the enthusiastic reception during the Alpha and Beta phases, and we’re now getting ready to take the Beta tag off and introduce a premium edition of Sync to the market. Before that happens, we want to keep you informed on what to expect next. To read more, visit our blog post: http://blog.bittorrent.com/2014/11/19/what-to-expect-next-from-sync/
  4. Under prime network conditions, you could accomplish the syncing of 80gb in less than an hour (45 min). Obviously, constrictions in bandwidth between the two machines may cause this to be a bit longer. Thanks for letting us know about this issue. It's feedback like this that allows us to improve it!
  5. Hi there, sorry for the delay in responding, we have a theory about what may be occurring that we wanted to float around the team prior to suggesting a fix. Here it goes! In pulling the Dropbox folders to the respective computers, it would seem to us humans that they are identical. Sync on the other hand sees these volumes as wholly_different. In connecting these folders, Sync is getting hung up as it deciphers the hash and tries to push that file to the other computer. The existence of the file on the other side is creating problems, manifesting in the behavior you are reporting. Our suggestion to remedy this is to disconnect the shared folders and determine which of the two folders has a complete volume of data. Please note that they may both be complete. We recommend creating a backup of the second (or incomplete) folder by simply giving this folder a different name. Then re-sync the complete folder with the machine where you moved and renamed the folder. A new folder should appear and the files will begin syncing. Let us know if this doesn't work for you.
  6. So a bit of a shell game with those topics. I originally deprecated the Sync Stories (originally Sync Hacks), as we wanted to focus on how people use 1.4, rather than 1.3.x. Because there was still-relevant information in that original topic, I brought it back up this morning. Sorry for the confusion, and thanks to those that have begun contributing on this thread!
  7. We've seen quite a variety of issues pertaining to the UI as well as the engine. Each are addressed by the respective team as they come up and are escalated. Thanks for letting us know, and if you haven't, be sure to email the Sync Support Team and detail what it is that you are experiencing. They may have some additional questions for you as well.
  8. We read you guys loud and clear. First off, let me clarify what it is we are looking for in this thread. Throughout the development of Sync, we've been keenly interested in how people are integrating the application in their daily personal and professional lives. You may recall that these were classically referred to as ‘Sync Hacks’. As we move further into the realm of 1.4, we are looking for more individuals willing to detail what it is they are doing with Sync. Ultimately, we want to broadcast these Stories through our Blog. We completely understand the opportunity this gives individuals to vent their frustrations with Sync 1.4 Beta. I want to explicitly state that the feedback is not falling on deaf ears. Every bit of it gets pushed up, quantified, prioritized and tackled by the appropriate team; be it the Sync engine itself, or the new UI. Stay tuned as builds are released, for I'm confident you will see pain points addressed and eliminated over the next few months. To address those that are communicating serious frustration with the product, understand that we knew there'd be some individuals, certainly those we consider advanced users, that would see the UI overhaul as a step in the wrong direction. On the other hand, we also knew that the previous incarnations of Sync were difficult to use for a large community of individual users. This was one of the central guiding principles we have used to evolve Sync. We are also working on functionality that's been requested by more advanced users and to address IT use cases. When we can deliver functional software addressing these uses, we will open another Alpha testing period. Thanks!
  9. Thanks for bringing this up. We'll take a look at it and determine the validity of the claim. We appreciate you guys keeping watch!
  10. Thanks Aaron and those of you who've brought this to our attention. We are currently in the process of reorganizing our support processes, and the spamalanche of Zendesk emails is likely related to that. Our apologies, and we'll figure out what's kicking these messages out and get it fixed.
  11. In the past month BitTorrent is proud to have announced support for two NAS (Network Attached Storage) devices: QNAPNetgear ReadyNAS We are working hard to bring even more NAS devices in the near future. Stay tuned for news on these upcoming releases in this forum. As we develop our support processes for Sync, this will be the go-to place for troubleshooting and reporting bugs in these officially supported NAS packages. Thanks for everyone's help in improving this product and assisting us with better clarity in how we can develop Sync to be even more powerful for your individual needs.