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  1. Did any BT staff react on the 10 folders limit complaint? I do not find one. btw: I moved to syncthing, too, because of this limit.
  2. Speaking of Android. What about using a cheap smartphone as a "server"? With a big SDcard it would at least be a very low power device...
  3. I think it's a bit off topic to discuss how to work around the ten folder limit or if this is enough or not. It's rather a fundamental question if you trust a company with closed source code which apparently broke their promise. What is next? You can guess...
  4. 10 folders - liars!

  5. Today I read that the free edition is limited to syncing 10 folders. AFAI the 1.x version does not have this limt. Wasn't it promised that the free 2.x will keep all featues of the earlier versions. Anyway, if this is true btsync is dead for me.
  6. You're absolutely right. How should they anyway control your installation? Make the program stop running after some time? If such would be build in I would not trust my data to this program.
  7. Hi, I guess I'll give syncthing a try. The "out of sync" issue makes having btsync running pointless.
  8. I have a similar setup running well. In your case you would need extra power supply for the drives and this ruins your energy saving goal. Besides the USB limitation mentioned above. In your case I would prefer a carefully designed pc with good idle power consumption. You can achieve 10W with the advantage of plenty power when needed like indexing etc.
  9. Hi, the latest build 1.4.99 announcement still refers to this thread for a solution but is there any?
  10. You might consider this A very low power board with sata at the price range of the raspberry.
  11. After upgrading from 1.4.82 to 1.4.92 on my raspberry pi the gui starts fine but all synced folders vanished. Renaming the files *.dat.old to *.dat does not help. Ho can I restore my sync configuration?
  12. What is the point changing the interface anyway? There are tons of feature requests on functionality. I did not see one request like "I want an new shiny gui." I guess most btsync users are advanced with computers and prefer lean, useful and stable software. I wonder what the devs priorities are....
  13. I guess "soon" can mean this century. I am a bit disappointed as the devs focus appears to be rather on GUI beauty than functionality and portability. Also a MIPS build was promised and never came...