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  1. Don't know how many files are in the sync folders, though. How can I find out via the ssh terminal?find -type f -print | wc -l
  2. atte@hanstholm:/mnt/usb/atte/hanstholm/medium$ find -type f -print | wc -l322594 Banana Pi looking real good!
  3. I'm very enouraged by your reply, it seems it's indeed possible to run btsync on the pi! Sure I've rebooted and/or restarted the btsync... Did you install via the repo ( or by hand? What's the version of your btsync? Is your pi overclocked? Here's my only enabled .conf, maybe I could have a look at yours? { "device_name": "hanstholm", "listening_port" : 0, "storage_path" : "/home/atte/.btsync", "check_for_updates" : false, "use_upnp" : true, "download_limit" : 0, "upload_limit" : 0, "
  4. Hi It seems the raspberry pi is simply not fast enough to handle my 140G with btsync. At least it's been indexing away for over a week and it's still 77.6G short... So, what other options (preferrably low power and cheap) do I have? would a NAS be a better option? Which model(s) would be easiest to work with (for instance install linux on) and what are the power consumption? Thanks!
  5. Thanks! This would leave unused .db* in .btsync, but I assume those would not be updated anymore, and so after a week it's pretty obvious which ones are in use... What about the .sync dir in the root of the added folder, it's no problem when re-adding, that this (and maybe other) traces of a previous sync is present in the folder?
  6. How do I find out what version of btsync is runnning beneath btsync-gui?
  7. I have three clients that seems to have gotten a bit confused, at least they each state that one secret (143G) is unsynced, and leaving them on for a loooong time doesn't help. What's the easiest way to the secret in question on all three nodes? Could it for instance be done by deleting one of the .db* files in .btsync? How do I find the right one? I'm on linux running btsync-gui version 0.8.5-1 installed from debian repos (not sure how to deduct the actual btsync version)
  8. I like the "yet" part, gives me hope
  9. Off course, I messed it up, should have been: sudo echo fs.inotify.max_user_watches=1000000 >> /etc/sysctl.conf
  10. (still) crashes on my geode CPU. I send you logs already....
  11. This should work no matter what your IP is: http://localhost:8888/gui/ But, as I said, it won't work if you have shared_folders defined in config file...
  12. When you have defined shared folders in the config file supplied with --config you the web UI is disabled. So you need to add another stanza for the second folder similar to what you have with/home/user/bittorrent/sync_test Careful with the syntax, it goes a little like this: "shared_folders" : [ { "secret" : "Secret1", "dir" : "/dir1", "use_relay_server" : true, "use_tracker" : true, "use_dht" : false, "search_lan" : true, "use_sync_trash" : true } , { "secret" : "Secret2", "dir" : "/dir2", "use_relay_server" : true, "use_tracker" : true,
  13. Hi I stumbled across these posts today: http://paulphilippov...filesystem.html Basically: as default most (my) linux systems are limited as to the number of "watches in inotify", one of my boxes had it set to 8192. To find out your current setting: cat /proc/sys/fs/inotify/max_user_watches To change to something big: sudo echo 1000000 >> /etc/sysctl.conf All this is fine. My question, however, is: how does all this affect the way btsync runs? From reading about the lack of instant sync on BSD, it seems bt
  14. 1.1.40 seems to get stuck here. Have two linux boxes sharing three folders ("small", "medium" and "large") that all originated from box A. All folders are indexed on box A. Folder small is synced to box B, folder medium is in progress, and folder large is not started. Box B has been turned off during the night, when it first came up this morning, it just sat there, web interface on box A showed that 76 GB of medium folder needed to be synced to B, but no traffic... EDIT: After restarting btsync on box B the web interface on A shows that btsync thinks that 2.5Gb of "small folder" is not to be u