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  1. If you have installed btsync with the unofficial packages, run: apt-get dist-upgrade
  2. I've just updated the btsync-common package. But it will take one or two hours to publish....
  3. Done! The btsync-gui has reached feature completeness!

  4. Working hard on the next version of btsync-gui...

  5. During the development of the Linux GUI for BitTorrent Sync I found these features missing in the API: Create one-time-secrets for a folderEnable/disable logging on the flyPause/Resume btsync replication/operationGet current transfer activity status (See Issue #75)Get current activity history (See Issue #76)
  6. Some information for your convenience: The Debian/Ubuntu packages for Server usage (btsync) do not enable UPnP by default when creating the default instance (obviously on user generated config files, it's up to you). If you want to enable it, you have to execute dpkg-reconfigure btsync and enable it when asked. The Debian(Ubuntu packages for Desktop usage (btsync-user) enable UPnP by default for every user since this is the common home user scenario. If you do not want so, you have to modify manually the configuration file template or create a user defined configuration file.