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  1. Can anyone help me with my problem ?
  2. I don't believe its a problem dedicated to folder permissions it also doesnt work with UAC disabled When i use the full path all works finehttp://\LanLaunch\games\BlobbyVolley&secret=*MY-Secretkey*&force=1But the software have to be portable to different systems. So it would be awesome if i could add a folder in subfolder rigth there where the btsync.exe is located
  3. Hello Folks, im trying to add an folder via api in subfolder in the same folder where the btsync.exe is located. Folder Tree: LanLaunch(BTsync Files) -->games (Subfolder)\BlobbyVolley&secret=*MY-Secretkey*&force=1{ "error": 101, "message": "Don't have permissions to write to the selected folder." }Can anyone help me here? Greetz Mick
  4. bonkersGER

    Window Cli Is there any ETA for this feature ? Tried to use Syncthing because they had a windows CLI version but you have to link devices before you can transer data and that sucks So will try to take a look into your API but an CLI Version of btsync like your linux version for windows would be awesome Greetings
  5. bonkersGER

    Window Cli

    +1 would be very interested to get windows command line client for btsync