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  1. Is there a way to do this on the other end without re-syncing? I am of course assuming I did everything right but that's sometimes debatable. My computer at work has the master key and I'm syncing it to my computer at home. At home I currently have the folder under \workspace\ but since there are other folders I want to add to that directory I need to move it to \workspace\work\. I tried the above suggestion in that I copied everything in the sync directory, moved it to the new directory and then re-added the key to bytsync. It kind of works in that I don't think I've lost anything but It still seems to be resyncing (It shows about 500kb/s sending and recieving) the entire directory which is about 1.2gb in size. Notes: Since I'm using windows 7, I have in my folder settings to show all hidden files and system files. So in copying the folder to a new directory that should have moved everything. Operating System: Windows 7 BitSync Client: 1.4.103 Beta