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  1. Suppose I sync photos with friends named Jack and Bob. They go to folders C:\Photos\Jack and C:\Photos\Bob. I also sync documents with Bob, these go to C:\Documents\From Bob. My list of folders looks like this: – Jack – Bob – From Bob That's awful. Please let me modify this to: – Photos from Jack – Photos from Bob – Documents from Bob without having to sync them to e.g. C:\Photos\Photos from Jack.
  2. Hey GreatMarko, you've linked to this very thread here. Not sure if that's intentional, but I sure was confused +1 for having two kinds of SyncIgnore files; those that are device-specific and those that apply to the entire share on all devices. +1 for making these SyncIgnore files editable through the primary interface.
  3. I would like to sync my application-specific data using BTSync. This data could be as simple as basic application settings, or something more complicated (e.g. a photo library with metadata). Ideally my application would tell BTSync it supports syncing of <insert text description> (e.g. "FooLibrary photos for Bob" or "AcmeWidget settings"). The user would then go to BTSync and "Add Application" just like they would normally add a Shared Folder. This would show a list of applications which report some sync ability. It would then act just like a Shared Folder acts currently, including keys