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  1. I've been using selective sync quite a bit and I've found a really puzzling shortcoming that has proved very difficult to work around. Suppose I have selective sync enabled for MyAdvancedFolder. Inside it I have several dozen subdirectories, one of which is named FooSubfolder. Scenario #1: I start by syncing a bunch of specific files and subdirectories manually and individually, most of them from FooSubfolder. Some time later I realise I should just sync the entire FooSubfolder from MyAdvancedFolder. But I can't: the "Sync" link is gone because I've synced something from inside it.
  2. I'd like this feature to be brought back too. My install is system-wide and runs as a service, and it's pretty silly to have it in a specific user's profile for a system-wide install. Of course the real underlying issue is that the BTSync team stubbornly refuse to support running BTSync as a service.
  3. When I have a folder with "Sync all" disabled, and drill down into the tree, I sometimes want to sync the entire folder I currently have open. The "..." menu in top right sounds like the logical place to check, but that only has "Filter by". Could you please add "Sync this folder" to it? It should have the same effect as going up a level, selecting the folder and selecting "Sync" that way. (edited to remove the part I've since figured out how to do properly)
  4. Got this too out of the blue. I don't run any task killers and the phone was just sitting doing nothing. It synced a few files yesterday night fine, today it says "Database error". I haven't even touched it since the last time it worked. Exiting and restarting sync doesn't help. Is there an official way to recover from this? Force closing shouldn't damage the database anyway. Don't you use sqlite transactions for this kind of thing?
  5. TL;DR: if there are folders you'd rather not be syncable from your phone in case you lose it, create a separate identity for your phone, instead of linking it. If you don't have such folders then this post is of no interest to you. I love the idea of syncing files to the phone. But the 2.0 model is such that every linked device has the ability to pull every folder I have in my folder list. This is great for convenience, but sucks for security, the classic trade-off. The problem is that I have a dozen folders of varying level of sensitivity. Some contain accounting stuff for my compa
  6. Hah, typical! The idea is to increase security by disallowing X, but surprise, people actually wanted to do X, so now they root and open up the SD card to every application, and the net result is that overall security is worse than before. It would be nice if BTSync asked for root to write to SD card.
  7. So I bought a license for my own use, and I got several people to install the free BTSync. Now they're all bugging me about an expired trial version, and one person required me to log in remotely because she is elderly and has not the slightest clue about what her computer is wanting her to do. Can we please have some obvious controls to start in free mode from day 1? The hack described here doesn't help, as I need this as a permanent thing, not just for some temporary testing.
  8. OK, thanks! I hope it's a high priority because without a real "run as a service" mode, I have little choice but to use NSSM + the web UI... :/
  9. Hm. Disabled AdBlock in Firefox: same results. Opened in Chrome: same results. Opened in IE: same results. It works correctly if I open it in the application without using Web UI though. So as far as I can tell, it just doesn't show those options through the Web UI?
  10. Some way to group folders would go a long way, especially if I could collapse the groups. You could just put the important folders into an "Important!" group and keep it collapsed. I'd actually be happy to have even the most crude arrangement: if they let me give my sync folders labels, instead of showing the actual folder name, then I could just prefix the important ones so that at least they're all in one place when sorted by name.
  11. I've purchased a Pro license. I've definitely seen the option to enable selective sync somewhere, the problem is I cannot see it anywhere anymore. I'm on 2.0.93. There used to be three choices in My Devices just half an hour ago, "Disconnected", "Connected" and "Synced". Now there are just two. When I try to connect a folder, it just asks where to sync to, and doesn't offer me to sync selectively. Under "Licenses..." it lists my license correctly. Any ideas?
  12. Your steps do not account for the case of when I don't have a tray icon because I'm running as a service... The overall experience is rather annoying: 1. There are 500 files left to sync 2. The peers see each other as online 3. And yet nothing's happening. If you want to see what's happening, whip out the debug log. Bah! Honestly, a techie error message displayed right next to the folder is a gazillion times better than sitting idle doing nothing! At least I can google that without trying to figure out how to enable the log file or how to read it.
  13. It's all in the title, really. I have a folder that says "4 files locked" but all the peers are offline, so I can't look at which files they are. On further thought it's clear that when all peers are offline this state is altogether meaningless. P.S. the forum appears to be overriding my title capitalization, so... well, don't blame it on me