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  1. The folder type my colleague received was "read only synced". I was sharing the folder via link.
  2. I downgraded the client on my production system to 1.4 due to several issues when sharing a 1.4 folder with a 2.0 client. I just tried to delete a folder in a shared folder which caused it to go "Out of sync". A few seconds later, the deleted folder is restored. I've tried it multiple times. I am running BitTorrent Sync on two Ubuntu servers and one client. EDIT: The shared folder now also shows "1 locked file". However, it does not show me which file this is.
  3. Let me start by outlining my current setup: - Ubuntu server running btsync 1.4.75 - QNAP NAS running btsync 1.3.106 - multiple clients (EDIT: Windows) Up until now, everything was working fine, until I decided to upgrade my local client. I didn't know about 2.0 and upgraded anyways. Then a colleague accidentally moved a shared folder "A" and couldn't restore it ("Cannot identify the destination folder"). First, he tried to upgrade to 2.0 as well, without luck of restoring the local copy of "A". So I shared it again with him, selecting read and write permissions. He received "A", but only