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  1. Thanks. Yes, I sync a git repos, but it is not in use. I backed it up from an old server and want to use btsync just to keep it duplicated until I figure out what to do with it.
  2. Thanks! I checked using lsof/fuser but there were no users. I restarted the server and it appears to be working now. Maybe the files got locked for some strange reason and a reboot cleared it. I'll reply again after it finished or if it stalls again. It stalled again after moving a few files. In fact, if I restart btsync, it will move a few files then stall with the "has diskio job" log line. [20150624 14:26:48.708] FC[3539]: load torrent request, will try to load torrent for file "/var/git/valefor/ballad/prj/Layout.git/objects/2a/dea5e568d85c8a8ad9da6b82c6b77b81011f1c" [20150624 14:26:48.708] JOURNAL[3539]: skipping load torrent for file "/var/git/valefor/ballad/prj/Layout.git/objects/2a/dea5e568d85c8a8ad9da6b82c6b77b81011f1c" - has diskio job When it stalls, it stalls all files. Even if I create new files on the server, they won't show up on the client, even as a BTS file. More info: Ubuntu 14.04.2 LTS (64-bit) Filesystem EXT4 on Amazon EBS (magnetic) lsof/fuser report no use of the files.
  3. I have a stalled sync that shows this: Won't connect file "/Users/user/BitTorrent Sync/folder-git/test/l.git/objects/3c/1e2397879f6202aac22dafac87e701468066d5", no diff It shows this for many files and is stalled forever on these files. The other side shows this: [20150623 15:09:31.342] JOURNAL[3539]: skipping load torrent for file "filename" - has diskio job
  4. I have installed the Linux version and the MAC version. I have paid for the PRO version and set it up on the MAC. I use the Linux web-gui and enter the device key and it spins on connect. I have even tried the DMZ approach and made sure I can directly SSH to my MAC from the Linux server, but still it just spins forever trying to connect. So basically it is unusable at this point. I see there are lots of other unanswered posts on this issue. Do the devs read these forums or should I file a ticket?