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  1. I had that happen for 4 of my files yesterday. I downloaded the file into a folder that I sync using Bittorrent Sync. Few mins later when I tried to look for the file on my computer and couldn't find it. Saw in the bittorrent sync history: Added file IBM/FCM/FCM Overview.pptx Removed file IBM/FCM/FCM Overview.pptx So, as soon as the file was added to the folder Bittorrent sync removed it. Same behavior for 4 of my files. Couldn't find the file in Trash or Bittorrent Archive. If I wouldn't have had the need to access the file, I wouldn't even have noticed... SCARY! What is worse is that for the 2 of the files, Added file... Removed file... is now even removed from history. It was in the history right after the event did occur. Can you please help.