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  1. Yes, sounds like everything you explained is what I wanted to achieve. I am going to try it later in the weekend, thanks so much.
  2. guys, new here. kinda a computer noob. need a bit of help to set up My story: have about 70gb on dropbox, but 50gb is expiring soon have 30gb on onedrive (missed the 200gb promo earlier this year) I use cloud mostly to keep my music library in sync (about 40gb) Using Samsung Note 3, rooted currently sync with "folder sync" app What I want to achieve with bt sync: Sync music to my android sd [oneway from computer] (that means if I mess up the files in the phone, it won't affect my collection on my computers) Upload camera pictures to computer not really a backup so that i can delete photo on my phone and won't affect the files on desktop and the other way around, so maybe stick with drop box for now. have 2-3 computers, but shouldn't be a problem once everything is set up. Planning to get a NAS when everything set up and running. My attempts: For music, I don't seem to be able to choose the save location to save it on my sd card and the version 1.4 doesn't seem to work the way i wanted. For picture, I don't have clear indication of when the pictures are uploaded. and bt sync doesn't seem to sync on my phone and computer if it's not active running. Is there a sync all button