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  1. I can't figure this out... I have this... ComputerA, ComputerB, ComputerC, ComputerD, ComputerE And each computer has the same 3 folders, in the same structure under C:\ C:\SiteFiles\Data3\*.* C:\SiteFiles\Data2\*.* C:\SiteFiles\Data1\*.* I want to sync the contents of the 3 folders from each of the 5 "child" computers to a "parent" computer. So in the end I have something like this... MasterComputer [someDir]\ComputerA\Data1\*.* [someDir]\ComputerA\Data2\*.* [someDir]\ComputerA\Data3\*.* [someDir]\ComputerB\Data1\*.* [someDir]\ComputerB\Data2\*.* [someDir]\ComputerB\Data3\*.* ... and so on. Because I have the same structure on all "child" systems and only one "default" folder on the "parent" system I can't see how to create a structure that would allow me to separate the sync'd files into what I've shown above. What I expected was the software would allow me to pick where I wanted to store the files for each sync relationship instead of just a big "default" folder on the non-originating system (parent system). Is what I'm describing possible? Thanks Eric