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  1. Found the files in /var/lib/btsyc, deleted them and went back to staring at the same screen on the login tab of preference thinking "what am I missing?" Turns out that one has to enter one's new chosen User name and passwords, IGNORING the Current password field. Was getting tripped up trying to enter a current password that I thought I had set somewhere in the install process of Sync. Thank you.
  2. Thank you. I definitely want it but apparently can't have it! Do you know if there is a default password for the program that goes with the default admin user name? Posted wrong screenshot in my previous post. Please also see contents of .sync folder with hidden files shown - there are no there are no settings.dat and settings.dat.old files.
  3. I am having a problem with your Android app not syncing when my Note 4 is in sleep. I have confirmed that my wifi connection remains active at this time. (Auto-sleep setting on, 30 mins.) I have tested by adding a file on either end and waiting for more than 30 minutes with phone in sleep, no sync. If I reboot the phone or open the app on my phone, sync occurs immediately. I have tried moving the sync folder on my phone from SD card to Device, no difference. If I turn Auto-sleep off, syncing works as it should without having to open the app or reboot. I would really prefer the Auto-sleep setting on - any ideas for a work around?
  4. I have been following along to this as well as a new user. Can anyone please tell me what the password is for? Everything is working with Sync on Ubuntu for me, never have to enter password. If I go to the Login screen (in Preferences) the username field is pre-filled with "admin" and I do not know the current password - is there a default login / password? As P.D. said, there are no settings.dat and settings.dat.old files in the .sync folders.