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  1. 1) I did not install as a service (I believe). There was an option with a box that said it would run in the browser and I did not check it. 2) Internet Explorer says it's version: 8.0.761.17514 3) When I type in the loopback address, port 8888/gui in Firefox I get a window asking for my login information. Then I type in a common ID I often use I get what looks like a functioning Sync window. When I do the same in Internet Explorer after I login I get the error massage that I described above. I would prefer that Sync not run in a browser. Also I just found a link for IE v
  2. Hello, I just reinstalled sync after formatting my C drive and it seemed to be running fine. But now when I click on the little windows arrow in the lower right corner and right click on sync and choose "hide/show sync" it pops up in a window that only says: "Sync does not support your web browser. For your security, please use a current version of Chrome or Firefox." Any help on this?
  3. I had to format my C drive and now I need to reinstall Bittorrent Sync to keep my systems backed up. I still have a "Sync_Pro_Purchase_29984.btskey" file. I would guess this is my purchase validation so I think now I just need a download link for Bittorrent Sync Pro. Can someone point out the best way to get this file? Thanks Marc
  4. I am trying to keep the Windows "My Documents" folder synced between 3 Windows machines running Window 7 and 8.1. I shared the folder from one pc allowing changes and then emailed myself. Then opened the share on the 2nd pc and changed location to the folder containing the "My Documents" on the 2nd PC. But Sync created a new folder on the 2nd PC called MY Documents and uploaded all the files from the 1st PC there while along side it was the folder "Documents" that I wanted to sync between the PCs and it wasn't touched. Is this because the folders have different names? Is ther