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  1. It sounds like I was bit by the 2.3.0...2.3.3 bug from this other thread, where all folders disappear.
  2. Could this have been done maliciously, if someone had access to a host with BitTorrent Sync installed?
  3. Today, while attempting to add a new device, I saw that all my folders had been disconnected on my Windows computer. I checked a Mac and a Linux device on the same account, and the folders are disconnected from those devices as well. I have a directory that has new files added daily by the Linux host. The Mac's most recent file is from March 5, and the Windows computer has a copy from March 6. (The Mac laptop was probably off when the last file was added, but the Windows desktop is always on.) So, something may have happened around March 6. (This would have been 11 months after my original Pro license was purchased.) I'm looking at a fairly painful recovery process as I attempt to deduplicate several gigs and thousands of files across half a dozen hosts. Can anyone speculate as to what happened? Update: I see the following log message on the Mac from 5 days ago: "/Users/annika/Library/Application Support/BitTorrent Sync/.SyncUser[ID] is not synced with 'treebeard': time difference is more than 10 minutes." That's the final message in the log on the Mac. I see a bunch of "PeerTLSEH … failed to find share" messages on the Linux host, but that file has no date stamps so I can't say if they're relevant messages.