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  1. I'm using Sync to sync large projects between workstations in NY, CHI, and LA (works great so far). I would really like to see a way to always have certain folders be selective sync. Could be like the .ignorelist. Maybe there is a way to do this already? And apologies if this has been talked about. It's my first week with the product. The main reason for this is not everyone needs access to a certain set of files and it will be like that on every project. Every project will have footage broken out into sequence and shot. Not everyone will be on Sequence A but it would really be awesome to selectively sync it if a person gets put on Sequence A. If I put it in the ignore list, obviously it won't show up at all and if we do a selective sync then the crew will need to click on a lot of folders to sync those. The additive process is a lot more work than the subtractive.