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  1. Do you mean that this file should only log the files I have chosen to sync? If so, it doesn't. It actually logs every single file and folder that so much as appears on my screen in Windows, even with BitTorrent Sync totally shut down or even uninstalled completely. If you mean it logs every single file/folder where the option to sync is added to the right-click menu, then that's a potential privacy issue, as, from what I can see, by default, that's everything that so much as is displayed on-screen, and it doesn't give people confidence that you respect their privacy when a bit of your software logs this, even if that logfile does nothing more than sit on the hard drive steadily getting bigger. If you mean the icons and options added to the right-click menu, they did actually disappear when I uninstalled BitTorrent Sync, but the logfile kept logging. However, your instructions appear to work and allow me to delete the logfile and the two .dll files, and, so far, there is no hint of them reappearing.
  2. I have an extremely disturbing problem. I have discovered a log file in the BitTorrent Sync program folder, named ShellExtIO.log, which appears to be logging the filename of every single file that appears on my screen. I only discovered it because space was disappearing on my hard drive, and I managed to track it down to this log file, which was 900MB in size, and opened it to see what it was, and saw every single file I had looked at for the past 4 months neatly listed in here. So I want answers to a few questions: 1) What is the purpose of this logfile? 2) Why can't I delete it (luckily, I can overwrite the file with an empty file of the same name, but I can't actually delete it, as Windows tells me that it's in use)? 3) Why is this logfile not uninstalled with BitTorrent Sync, along with two .dll files, and is still logging away?