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  1. Does that limit apply to the pro version, too, or just the free version?
  2. I'm thinking about using BTSync to share software updates with people who have slow/erratic/intermittent internet connections, who rarely manage to stay online long enough to complete a really big download (as many of these updates tend to be). I've asked a few open source software developers (like Mozilla) if they'd be interested in using BTSync to distribute those files themselves (so people would always have access to the latest releases, without having to wait for me to a) notice, and b) download new versions. (The response of those developers that I've heard back from was "We can't be bothered to do that, but you go ahead if you want to.") But as I've been looking for for files to distribute this way, I've noticed that some developers (like Ubuntu) offer the option of downloading their software using torrents. So the question that occurred to me was: can BTSync make use of .torrent files, too? It would be sweet just to be able to give people a list of read-only keys for whatever software they need to keep updated. Or would they need to install a separate BitTorrent client, and use BTSync for some files, and their BitTorrent client for others? Greg