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  1. Hi, I am facing 100% CPU issue usages as well. I will dm Helen my logs.
  2. It would be amazing if we could initiate a temporary/on-demand folder Sync from the command-line / terminal. For example, say I'm in a folder /home/users/me, I would like to be able to do something like: btsync -folder /home/users/me/pictures and it would return to me the code / key . This code / key would be valid for a few hours / days. Then on another server I could do: btsync -folder /home/users/me/pictures -key=KEY_FROM_ABOVE Once the sync was complete, btsync would shut down and exit. This would allow an easy way of transferring servers from machines / servers to one another without having to set up permanent sync directories (i.e. transferring your home directory to a new computer).