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  1. I have solved the issue with another re installation of btsync. This time I am running 2.3.8 and the issue appears to be fixed for me.
  2. Deleting the .sync folder as the article suggested did not work. A new ID is generated when I re add the folder to sync, but again the service files were deleted. The files affected were the StreamsList and the ID in the .sync folder. I even made a backup of the ID and named it IDB(not pictured), it was also deleted when the error happened. Here is the .sync folder right after it was generated: https://gyazo.com/2b5317799f0a03d30d8a590b333844c6 Here is the folder after the error: https://gyazo.com/ea5b5657b2f3c6e4a7ae425aa3d52862
  3. Quick overview of my situation: I am syncing between 3 different Synology NAS's. There are 2 DS1513+ units and one DS1815+ Each device has two folders it is required to sync, the 1815+ and one of the 1513+ sync instances work perfectly fine, but one of the devices shows one of the two folders as "Service files missing". I have tried re adding the folder and reinstalling Sync, but every time the result is the same, the service files go missing. I have noticed every time I attempt to replace the missing files the IgnoreList and StreamsList files from inside the .sync folder go mis