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  1. thanks for the quick response. I have set these options and will see if it fixes my problem. I often rename the files while organizing, will this affect the archive/re-download?
  2. 2.3.7(451) I have keep "deleted files in archive" turned off average size of file is around 800MB. server downloads about 30 files a week and I organize on Fridays both sites have 200mb/200mb fiber if that makes any difference.
  3. I use sync to keep 2 media servers sync'd. for the most part it works great but my problem comes in when I move content around. Content is automatically added to an unsorted folder and sync handles this just fine. I then manually cleanup and organize the content into the correct folders and sync delete the file from the other servers unsorted folder and re-downloads it into the new folder even though I am syncing the parent folder. here is a simplified folder structure. I sync folder 1 in its entirety with all sub folders. my server adds files to folder 2 and they get synced. I move the file from folder 2 to folder 3 and it is deleted and completely re-downloaded. can this be stopped? I am used to Dropbox and it doesn't have this problem. the file simply moves however I am more than willing to put up with this annoyance over paying Dropbox for 10TB of storage. this wouldn't be a problem except I have 20gb files on occasion and its a pain that I have to sync them twice.