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  1. Well, for whatever reason, when I went back a couple hours later to poke at it, it works fine now. I guess I'll just not worry about it
  2. I've encountered an interesting new problem...I have some existing shares between my phone and my desktop, and they've always worked fine. However, I am now trying to create a new share link from within the Android app, and it isn't working. When I tap any of the icons in the "Share" section of the share description, I just get a spinning blue circle, forever. I've added an example from the default Camera share, to make this a little more clear. Similarly, in other shares, I can go into the share options dialog, change anything I want, but I still just get the spinning circle when I try to copy or share the link. Has anyone else encountered this?
  3. My phone's storage has filled up, so I opted to use Google Photo's option to delete local files from the device. I've had Sync setup on my phone with the built-in Camera backup to my Linux server. However, when Photos deleted the local files, Sync deleted them from the server as well! From what I read in the documentation, this shouldn't happen, nor did it happen when I tested deleting some photos on the phone ahead of time. This isn't quite catastrophic, as I keep versioned backups of my camera folder, but it's pretty bad. Why did Sync do this? How can I prevent it from doing it again in the future? edit- to expand on this, sync moved all of the files to "/srv/sync/camera/.sync/Archive/Camera". It's been caught by my other backup (Crashplan), but this is pretty bad. edit 2- Ah crap, now I see that the share on my server had "Overwrite any changed files" checked. Am I correct in understanding that this is what the problem was? I tried to copy a file back into the sync directory on the server. When that option is checked, Sync instantly deletes it. When it's unchecked, it seems to leave it alone. So I should be able to just move all of the files in .sync/Archive back into my normal directory on the server, and Sync will leave them alone, now and in the future?
  4. Huh, that's interesting. They actually didn't show up with dir /R, but just doing a rmdir on the three fixed the problem. Thanks for the help!
  5. Hello, I've recently reinstalled Windows, and I noticed that Sync has been complaining about three locked files (well, directories). I don't know how long it's been doing this, as I never had cause to look at it before reinstalling! Specifically, I'm syncing my Documents directory between a couple computers. Sync reports that there are three locked files, "My Videos", "My Pictures", and "My Music". Clicking on any of the three links yields a File Explorer window that tells me that "C:\Users\[me]\Documents\My Pictures is not accessible. Access is denied". Also, those directories don't exist, and I have no idea where it got the names. Taking a look at the log files shows a bunch of repeats of: [2017-08-09 20:24:13.539] JOURNAL[717F]: scan folder job for path "\\?\C:\Users\[me]\Documents\My Videos" failed, error = 5 [2017-08-09 20:24:13.539] JOURNAL[717F]: scan folder job for path "\\?\C:\Users\[me]\Documents\My Pictures" failed, error = 5 [2017-08-09 20:24:13.539] JOURNAL[717F]: scan folder job for path "\\?\C:\Users\[me]\Documents\My Music" failed, error = 5 The other computer does not have any such errors (nor do these directories exist there). Do you have any suggestions?
  6. I've had the old btsync chugging away on my old server for years, but now that it's updated, I've of coursed moved to your new product! I just wanted a quick sanity check on my setup, because I don't have my old configuration handy to compare. It's very straightforward- I just want a one-way sync from my phone to the server, as a backup. I've got the share properly configured (RW on the phone, RO on the server) and it's working fine. However, there's the option "Overwrite any changed files" in the share preferences, and I'm not confident of its function. My intention is for the server to be a completely RO medium: files deleted from the phone should not cause those files to be deleted from the server. The server will never change the files in the RO share anyway, unless something bad happens, so if the RW peer stomps on that, it's fine. Should I leave this option unchecked?
  7. I'm trying to uninstall Sync from a Windows 10 computer, but it's not listed in either of the Windows programs lists (either in the new Settings/Apps & Features, nor in the old Control Panel/Uninstall), and there's no uninstall program in the install directory. How do I get rid of this? The general instructions don't have any manual uninstall information, and trying to search Google for information is just worthless.