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  1. Ok so that s not the same problem for me. I am syncing 3 folders on the same drive ans that s work. If i want to select a folder on my secondary drive it says i don't have permissions. I just realise that thzt is not a probleme of syncing two different drive because i still have the problem if i select only one folder on this secondary drive...
  2. Hello. Yes this is exatly what i am trying to do. Why this isnt possible? I m newby on linux so i dont understand why i cant have root access on the secondary drive. ( the problem come frome here isnt it ?)..
  3. Hello, i have the same problem. The reason is that we don't have every access on the second Drive. But i can't find a way to give full access to Resilio to sync with the second hard drive... I sure you have the same problem