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  1. I can confirm the locked files just don't seem to be syncing like they used to. We have issues with AutoCAD drawing files and Sync. When working on a drawing the file shows up as locked as expected. After you close the file Sync does not sync the data to the other devices. Seems to consistently not sync these files even after closed, and even after restarting the Sync services on all devices. We also see this with recent Excel files. Even after closing they never sync. Obviously this is a big issue. In older versions of Sync if a file was locked it appeared that after the file was closed the file would sync to other devices. It is difficult to tell when it is working or not now. You have to manually compare folders which is no fun. A nice feature would be an option to re-scan the folder structure and look for files that are not synced. I read about removing the folder and recreating it, but that is not an acceptable method in my mind. We're looking at Connect for a larger implementation but no way we are making that investment if Connect has the same type of issue. Looking forward to a new version that resolves this major bug.