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  1. So I figured it out on my own since no one had the answer, but it might not be scalable. Set a firewall rule to block the port chosen when you set up sync on your site to site link and it will go over the WAN.
  2. Is there a single port, or a group of ports I can block on a firewall to prevent direct client to client transfers over our WAN links. These transfers are much quicker when routed via the internet, but right now clients are directly sending data via our site to site links. The firewall rule would be implemented directly on the site to site link.
  3. Currently, when sync runs between two hosts at different locations on our WAN, the traffic is pushed through our IPSEC tunnels saturating the connection and the transfer speed is significantly slowed. Is there a firewall rule I can put in place that will make this traffic traverse the internet instead of going over these links?