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  1. I can confirm this issue on 2.4.2 (708): 1. Resilio correctly detects files that are locked by another application (E.g., Excel) and does not sync them. 2. After the lock is released by the other app (e.g., closing Excel), Resilio does not re-attempt the sync. The file(s) stay marked as locked forever. 3. The only way to get the files to sync correctly is to restart the Resilio client. I've confirmed via Windows 10 process explorer and resource monitor that this happens for files that have no outstanding locks or handles. I agree with Andy--the lock issue does seem to happen most frequently for files that are left open in another app for a long time.
  2. Hi Nellie, thanks for the confirmation. Re encrypted-key-only shares, that is a great idea--thanks for that.
  3. I have 3 machines running btsync like so: A (NATted on home network, RW key) ----> B (Public machine with static public IP, RO key) <----- C (NATted on work network, RW key) A and C are behind firewalls and can only communicate directly with B, never with each other. I want A and C to have synced read-write folders, such that changes made on A or C get propagated. B is read-only--it is never supposed to make changes to files, rather it's sole purpose is as a backup and to allow syncing between A and C. I just want to confirm that if A makes a change that gets propagated to B, that B will then be able to propagate this change to C (even though B only has a RO key). Put another way, does a change that originates on A get signed (or something) so that read-only peers can propagate the change? Thanks!