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  1. I just tried renaming a file, that appears to be broken on my version as well. Renaming from a 3rd party file manager ends up syncing another copy of the file with the new name.
  2. I have also found that closing the app using "exit" on the menu (instead of killing the app with task manager) and restarting it will cause new files to sync quicker. It was determined that the Sync app does not get system notifications about new files on the SD card. The periodic rescan, every 10 minutes, does eventually find them.
  3. Emails sent (I sent two because somehow logging got turned off for the first email).
  4. I restarted Sync on the phone but it did not trigger a rescan. I also tried restarting Sync on the phone and PC, this still did not force a rescan. Can the default 10 minute rescan frequency be changed in this version?
  5. I created a folder on the phone's internal sdcard with the "Create Folder" tool and called it "Sync2". I am able to link this to a Windows PC and files sync back and forth between the two as expected. If I copy a file into "Sync2" it is almost immediately sent to the pc and vice versa. I used the same process and created a folder called "Sync3" on the external sd card, however files only sync from the PC to the phone immediately. Using an Android file manager app I copied a jpg from another folder on the external sd card into the "Sync3" folder. If I go into the Resilio Sync folder list and tap on "Sync3" the newly copied jpg does not show up for sometime in this file list and does not sync to the pc until it does. This delay seem to be at least 5 minutes, often more. I also found another bug. In an attempt to force the file to show up sooner I used the add file tool on the sync app (next to the magnifying glass), then found the file in the "Sync3" folder using the file finder that pops up. This causes the contents of the file to be erased. The filename is still visible through the file finder (and through 3rd party file managers) but now has a file size of 0. Also, using the file finder in general does not seem to make files show up and sync any sooner in external sd card folders. Is there some way to shorten the interval in which new files will show up and sync? Or some way to force a refresh/re-index immediately? Phone: Galaxy S5 (SM-G900T), Android 6.0.1, Resilio Sync 2.4.9 PC: Windows 7 64bit, Resilio Sync 2.4.4 Thanks.