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  1. Done I guess this issue can be closed than. It apparently isn't a bug or weird configuration, but just a feature request.
  2. +1 from me as well. I have a setup where "the server" has a limited storage capacity which slowly fills. The data isn't important for the server, but it is for me as user so i like to sync it to my local machine and clear the server. This feature would allow me to do exactly that. Sure, (ab)using the archive capability can work as well, but it is slightly weird since the archive is in a hidden folder somewhere. It really smells like abusing a feature to get another feature.
  3. Oke, interesting. So, is there a concept where i can be in sync with the server, but ignore file deletions? That basically means that my local machine only needs to have all the files that are in the server's sync folder. It can have more (not less). This isn't "that" weird, right?
  4. Hi, My setup is as follows: Some server hosts a folder. It runs version 2.3.7 (i don't control the version nor the server). Locally i also run resilio, i do have control over the version (currently 2.4.4). I want to sync a folder from the server to my local machine. On the server i created a new share with the permission set to read only (as advised for one-way sync here [1]). I've copied the resulting link on my local machine and am now able to sync. New files get added without any problem. So far so good. But now i deleted a file on the server to clear up some space there. And that - to my surprise - also removed the file on my local instance while i explicitly did a one-way sync which is described in [1] as the way to prevent files from being deleted. Then i thought: "hmm, if i pause syncing, remove the file and resume syncing, will that keep the file locally?".. Well, nope. Even while syncing is paused (the service itself is still running though), the file is still removed. Like pause has no effect on deletions. I would consider that a bug btw. It is unexpected behavior if pause is still doing things.. The only thing i can think of now that "might" work is disabling the resilio service on the server, than do my file removals and than re-enable it. That hopefully doesn't delete my files locally, right? So, am i doing something wrong here? How can i get a one-way sync between that server and my local machine? Best regards, Mark [1]