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  1. Every time I boot into macOS (10.12.6) one of my Resilio Sync folders ('Graphics') stays stuck on 'Loading list of files..." for days. Admittedly it is a 7200 RPM mechanical drive and the folder contains over 700 thousand files. It is also an NTFS volume which is mounted using Paragon NTFS 15. The fact that Resilio is constantly accessing the drive causes all sorts of issues. When I attempt to shut down it will take roughly 30 minutes. From my research it's due to Resilio Sync preventing Paragon NTFS from un-mounting the drive. When I exit Resilio then it can un-mount fine and shutting down is back to normal.
  2. FYI Neither of my Windows/macOS test clients detected a new version so I had to download the latest version manually.
  3. Try Process Explorer. When open, click the Binoculars icon... or use the Hotkey Ctrl+F (Find). Type the name of the file. It will show you what process has locked the file. Also you can use Unlocker to unlock the file.
  4. The Resilio Sync team sent me a test version (2.5.10013 (239)) which solved this issue for me. I assume they will be rolling out the fix sometime in the near future.
  5. Yes, my apologies, I should have started my own thread. My CPU usage problem is not with WindowServer but the Resilio Sync process itself.
  6. I have a similar issue with macOS Sierra 10.12.5 and Resilio Sync 2.5.3 (999) The difference for me is I'm getting 100+% CPU usage of the "Resilio Sync" process. Also if I roll my mouse cursor over the Resilio icon on the menu bar (which does not have to be animating) the cursor will immediately turn into the typical "beach ball" spinning icon. During this time my entire machine becomes less responsive.