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  1. OK so I don't if I wasn't clear enough or if this is not possible but with Plex, I can access my medias on something like: http://my-static-IP-address:12345 Because Plex has a dedicated port number and I get the web interface with my medias available from anywhere, and on any devices Now with Resilio, the WebUI only returns client which allows me to manage devices. I can see my folders but I cannot open them nor can I access the files inside. So when one of my linked devices is not available, say abroad, in a cyber café, for instance, how do I do to view my documents (I
  2. Hello, I'm evaluating Resilio Sync and plan to get the Home Pro version. Yet I have a question: So I can get my documents on all devices. It works very well. But is it possible to access them from another device, from a web interface? For instance on someone else's computer or from a cyber café ? I did setup the WebUI by modifying the conf file but I must be missing something: I don't really see the point to remotely manage the software settings. I can see a list of my folders but I can't open them or browse them.I mean I surely can smb:// or vnc:// but the idea