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  1. Some findings #1 - I was correct, the application does not appear smart enough to register that something was copied from the Archive back to the Main. It is maintaining dual copies. Only time will tell if it "duplicates" all the copied items in the archive ... #2 - I believe I found the reason Resilio decided to delete the millions of files - and I honestly expect it will continue to delete every file until the sync is complete. This is a great example of why documentation is important, as the order of operations is quite possibly the reason it eradicated the file structure - and
  2. Hi All, History - You can skip this if you like I came to Resilio from Dropbox as they informed me will not provide support to clients with over 300,000 files, resulting in the application crashing on 3 of our computers for the last few years. On the advice of others, I bought Resilio without being able to do much testing (with over 500GB of data, and 2.5 million files, the 5GB limited version does not tell me anything of value). So, I did the initial setup, copied all the folders to where I needed, got all the sync's running and folders connected. I did at first try to use Sy