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  1. Maybe the following errors helps you to find the bug: D! class ReverseHTTPConnection::TcpSocket::set_error[0x000002379ac645b0][1992] 10053 (EOF) D! class ReverseHTTPConnection::TcpSocket::set_error[0x000002379ac65e10][1920] 10053 (EOF) D! class ReverseHTTPConnection::TcpSocket::set_error[0x000002379ac65a00][1988] 10053 (EOF) No behavior change since 2.5.0, currently using 2.5.9 and daily restarting rlssync service. How stable did the 2.4 work in the past ... Regards, RslSyncUser
  2. Hi all, after upgrade from 2.4.x to 2.5.6 I have the problem (reproducible), that the peers disappear after resume from standby on Windows 10. I need to restart the rslsync service to see the peers again. The same happens if I switch from WLAN to LAN and vice versa. Are these known issues? Regards, RslSyncUser