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  1. Just to add to this. I found this article suggesting i shouldn't be using armhf so i followed the armel/RPi1 instructions but still no change....
  2. I was running an out of date version of Sync and was having permission issues when trying to use a mounted drive so I decided to remove the out of date version and update to the latest one using this tutorial. All appeared to go well during installation but when i try to start the service it just exits with nothing useful in the systemctl logs. The only thing of note during installation was that I tried to make the change to run under the current user but when i ran sudo systemctl --user enable resilio-sync i would get an error message so i reverted back to using the rslsync user (having added it to the correct group) Can anyone point me to which logs i should be looking at or any other help? (attached is the systemctl log) TIA Chris systemctl log.txt