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  1. Alright, seems like I've found a solution, and it also seems that it's not about the synchronization process. I've cleared the cache and data of two system apps, External Storage and Media Storage: Manage apps -> Show system -> External Storage Manage apps -> Show system -> Media Storage Then re-synced everything and it worked. But I still have to see how it behaves in the long run, or if I have to clear the cache all the time. A bit weird that I could reproduce it on another phone, and leaves me a bit in the dark, what was actually wrong, but ok, works for now
  2. Hi, I have a very strange behavior where my synced music is not visible on an Android device, tested with several media players. Here is my setup: Syncing the music folder from my NAS (QNAP) to all my devices, on my Android to the SD-card (SD://Music). I can see in a file browser that all files are copied correctly. When I open a media player, it just cannot find the files. I've testet with MonkeyMedia, Hi-Fi Cast and Google Play Music. Now when I copy a music file, just copy-paste in the same folder, it becomes visible, which I don't get, because both files look the same, and I